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  1. » [meetyeti] Fwd: University of Sheffield Vice Chancellor's Indian Scholarships - PhD opportunities, Bhaskar Acharya
  2. » [meetyeti] PhD Opportunities at the University of Sheffield with 10 Indian scholarships, Robin Vijayan
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  6. » [meetyeti] Fwd: SCCS-Bangalore 2014: six days to abstract submission deadline, YETI
  7. » [meetyeti] Call for Papers: International Conference on "Development, Biodiversity and Climate Change: Issues and Challenges", YETI
  8. » [meetyeti] Fwd: International Elephant Foundation Conservation and Research Funding available for 2015, Bhaskar Acharya
  9. » [meetyeti] Funding Opportunities now available for the Critically Endangered Animals Conservation Fund & Amphibians in Decline - Deadline May 15, 2014, Bhaskar Acharya
  10. » [meetyeti] Fwd: TERI University Launch New Programs, Upasana Ganguly
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  13. » [meetyeti] Fwd: volunteers for spider study, Yeti
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  15. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Seeking involvement in promoting Participatory Urban Governance (PUG) in Pune, Yeti
  16. » [meetyeti] Vacancy at BVIEER, Pune, Shamita Kumar
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  20. » [meetyeti] RBS Earth Heroes Awards 2014, Nimesh Ved
  21. » [meetyeti] Fwd: SCCS-Bangalore 2014: abstract deadline extended to 16th May, Yeti
  22. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Your Opinion matters for a Greener Tomorrow., aadya singh
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  26. » [meetyeti] Fwd: SCCS Bangalore: Last day for abstract submission., Yeti
  27. » [meetyeti] Fwd: A Short Course on Information Management Tools and Techniques, Strategic Communication and Web-Based Outreach, YETI
  28. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Amphibian Workshop Dr. Gururaja KV 2014, YETI
  29. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Leveraging Internet to help bridge environment-people-solutions gap, YETI
  30. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Advertisement, YETI
  31. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Interpretation of Natural Heritage in Punjab. 2 Experts Wanted., YETI
  32. » [meetyeti] Fwd: Biodiversity postdoc and data manager positions with Map of Life, Yale University, Robin Vijayan
  33. » [meetyeti] Fwd: 2015 Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships, YETI
  34. » [meetyeti] Fwd: [ASAB-MAIL] volunteers, South Africa: small mammal socio-ecology, YETI
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  37. » [meetyeti] Green Talents Competition for Young Researchers in Sustainable Development, an initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and research, YETI
  38. » [meetyeti] Fwd: [Fwd: Molecular Phylogeny Workshop], YETI
  39. » [meetyeti] India Session at FEBS EMBO 2014: travel award deadline extended, YETI
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