Computer Science

All aspects of programming, computer science theory, operating systems, databases, etc.

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Makerspace Guetersloh Mailingliste

Mailingliste for the local makerspace in Guetersloh.

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This is an unmoderated forum for the discussion of anything to do with using Oracle databases.

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Techno Forum Mailer

This gives about the various technologies involving conferences and seminars. Cloud Computing and Virtual Enterprise will be focused at the higher end view.

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RISC OS pour les utilisateurs francais. RISC OS for french users.

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*** Srpski *** Cilj liste „SliKom“ je da okuplja slijepe i slabovide osobe koje koriste kompjutere sa čitačem ekrana ili sa Brajevim retkom, a koji govore neki od južnoslovenskih jezika. Lista je otvorena za sve koje ova oblast zanima ili koji mogu na neki način da pomognu. *** English *** The aim of “SliKom” list is to gather blind and vision impaired computer users who use screen readers or Braille display, and who speak some of south-Slavic languages. The list is open to everybody interested in this topic and who can help in this matter. *** Esperanto *** La celo de “SliKom” dissendolisto estas amasighi blinduloj kaj malfortevidantoj kiuj uzas komputiloj per ekrana legilo auh Brajla linio kaj kiuj parolas iu de sudslavaj lingvoj. La dissendolisto estas malfermita por chiuj kiuj interesighas pri chi tiu fako auh povas helpi.

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Sinclair ZX Spectrum

All about the '80th little black home computer called Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

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Music Software list for Visually Impaired people

Discussion group for visually impaired computer users relating to music, braille music, and speech access.

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Toronto Commodore

A discussion group for users of the good old 8-bit Commodore computers (Commodore 64, VIC-20, etc) in the Toronto area.

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The SAI Organization Mailing List

The SAI Organization Mailing List

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Engineering resources

This list will hold engineering resources (blog entries, posts, articles, etc) that we find all over the internet.

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Discussion Of FreeDict Dictionaries For Users And Developers

This list is the central communication channel for the FreeDict project. Users can ask questions, request help, request features and contact the Freedict developers. The development issues are discussed here as well.

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Math & Computer Science Class of 1989

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Discussions about a new open source community project based on the Xen hypervisor.

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Blair County Pa Perl Mongers

This is the general mailing list for the Blair County Pa Perl Mongers group. Use this list for general communications regarding meetings and group business.

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Deep Learning Hamburg

Deep Learning Meetup mail list in the area of Hamburg.

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