Technology in entertainment, web-based entertainment, etc.

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Coordination of a local road/trail-runner group in the larger Niederanven area. Supported languages are luxembourgish, french, german, english.

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Project Aon Volunteers

Provide a forum for the coordination of project's activities and the development of the utilities that facilitate those activities (legal distribution of electronic book materials).

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Kibs Literary Treehouse Book Club

This is the discussion and announcement list for the Kibs Literary Treehouse, a book-club established in 2016. It's also our way of recording our reading process. The Club is open to anyone who wants to join, wherever in the world they may be. Our goal is to encourage and support each other's reading, whatever our individual reading preferences are.

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Don's Patch

A family friendly publication, targeted at ordinary folks. Each issue contains links to cost-free websites offering interesting, useful, fun or educational resources on the web. Published monthly by Don Crowder.

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This international group consists of chess players who enjoy playing online chess by voice. Anenver can play in Swiss-style tournaments and Ladder tournaments. The tournament director has many years of experience. member can also play "friendly" games. Also, the member can participate in open discussions of chess topics. Everything is free.

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Tactile Times Connect

We plan for this place to be a community of Tactile Times readers, where people can ask questions, contribute ideas and more. The Tactile Times is a UK-based free newspaper by young braillists for young braillists that comes out twice a year. It is run by three young braillists and comes out electronically and in hard copy format. Website: tactiletimes.org Email: ⠔⠋⠕⠈⠁⠞⠁⠉⠞⠊⠇⠑⠐⠞⠎⠲⠕⠗⠛

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Travel Savings Alerts

If it's about travel, we help you find it online. Find travel deals and discounts, travel tips, advice, updates and destination news by subscribing to this free newsletter. Past newsletters revealed 50 percent discounts on condos; how to get $9 transatlantic airfare; and how to find free airline and hotel upgrades. We respect your privacy. We never sell, rent, trade, or give away your subscriber information.

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Kentucky HeadHunters Concert Calendar Update

This list will have a listing of shows by the grammy-winning music group, The Kentucky HeadHunters. Mailings will only be sent out when new concerts are scheduled for us by our booking company.

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The Ring 211 Mailing List

This is the mailing list for the June Horowitz/John deVries Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians: I.B.M. Ring #211 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Skoon, oorspronklike grappies en moppen in Afrikaans en Nederlands weekliks in jou posbus, heeltemal gratis. Schone grapjes in het Nederlands en Afrikaans.

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Doctor Thirsty

List to allow communication between band members.

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Staff list for Fairy Musings. This list is for group discussions involving the Fairy Musings community. To share ideas and suggestions that help us all.

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Informationen fr unsere Premium-User

Diese Liste wird nicht mehr gepflegt. This list is offline.

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Running List

This is a distribution list to announce important information about running. The purpose is to change information about running news, gear tips, training advice, running shoe reviews and other sports.

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Formula One Fantasy Game. List for the community who likes Formula 1 and are participating in the fantasy game in retof1.com

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