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Leipziger Spiele-Szene | Gaming Scene in Leipzig, Germany

Vernetzung der Leipziger Computerspiele-Szene: Entwickler, Journalisten, Künstler, Dozenten. Koordination von Veranstaltungen, vor allem des monatlichen Stammtisches.

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56RAF Firebirds virtual squadron

email list for use by 56 RAF virtual squadron when playing games

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Bloomington-Normal CITW

Stuff that the Bloomington-Normal chapter of CITW is doing. Minis, board games, whatever.

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USS Atlantis Star Trek Online Simulations

A mailing list for members of the USS Atlantis Star Trek Simulation.

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The GameProgrammer.Com mailing list is for the open discussion of any topic related to the art, science, and business, of programming games. This list is especially tolerant of beginners. We were all beginners once.

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Mandate of Heaven: Manifest Destiny in a Brave New World

Hampshire based hexploration using 5e D&D using the DMG and PHB rules as written with carefully curated third party content. Please feel free to read up on West Marches style games! Any questions, ask! This list is subject to approval as an anti spam bot, anti harassment measure.

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Odamex Bug Reporter

A "mailing list" where developers of the Odamex Doom-based engine ( can subscribe and get alerts to new bugs being filed (and potentially follow-ups) so that we don't always have to assign an actual person as the default bug reportee.

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BF Utah Group

List for nightly BF4 group.

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BSC Games Discussion List

Mailing list for talking about computer games created by

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EiA Greek

A small band of players, mostly from Greece, trying to play through the classic Avalon Hill strategy board game "Empires in Arms". We are playing the grand campaign of 1805-1815, recreating the rise and fall of Napoleon Bonaparte

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Ian Reed's Games

For discussion and announcement of new features, player created content and questions about games created by Ian Reed.

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Blind and visually impaired pilots

For discussing of Microsoft Flight Simulator with It's your plane and accessibility from a blindness perspective

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CityLookSweden mailinglist

Sign up for messege from CityLookSweden about 15 min before im going online. Im playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 online and stream on Twitch and Youtube. This is a way to inform followers in good time before im online to help them watching me drive trucks.

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TacBF - Tactical Battlefield

Annoncement of upcoming MP games and updates of the mod.

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RPG By Email

A list to run roleplaying games by email, maintained by Daniel.

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