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RAT Creations beta testing list

For testers of RAT's audiogames (created by Lukas Hosnedl)

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2nd Group Imperial Navy

2nd Group Imperial Navy for SWC

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Rising Alliance Gaming Important Notices

This is a mailing list meant to help notify members of the Rising Alliance Gaming community on Enjin when something important pops up. It will only be used for important announcements and will not be used to spam anyone's email.

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Rochester Board Gamer group

Private group of local gamers and friends who hold gaming events at private homes and occasionally larger public (rented) venues.

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Marvel Avengers alliance

Marvel Avengers alliance players

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LGCK Builder: Tean discussion

This list is for core team members of LGCK Builder and LGCK Game Demo projects. LGCK is a game making solution for Windows, Linux and Mac that is built upon technologies that are compatible with the LGPL license. More information please visit us at

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Redcap's Corner

Stay up to date regarding the products and events brought to you by Philadelphia's premier game store Redcap's Corner!

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Six2Four Studios News

News and other happenings involving Six2Four Studios

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Ogame Eclipse Allianz ML

Ogame Eclipse Allianz Mailingliste

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Technoshock 3D audio game

Technoshock, 3D first-person shooter game from Anatol Kamynin.

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For all internal communication: event planification, improvements, general questions not aimed to be discussed in public at forums

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Executioners of Anvilmar

Executioners, a World of Warcraft guild, on the Anvilmar Server.

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Adventist Games

This is to include developers of games and animators for Seventh-day Adventist organizations.

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Spryal Campaign

Forum for discussion and announcements pertaining to the game.

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Announcements regarding the open source Skycastle game project ( Low traffic.

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