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General technology-related discussions

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SOGAGG Email Distro

Email Distro for Society of Golfers Against Good Golfers

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Lista Cubana para la Comunidad LGBTI en Cuba

Lista llamada Orgullo para debatir via email temas y asuntos relacionados con la comunidad LGBTI en Cuba. Los temas serŠn varios desde la clarificaciůn de conceptos o dudas hasta informaciones sobre noticias y eventos actuales. Idealmente esta lista pretende convertirse en una plataforma o espacio para compartir experiencias y consejos entre sus suscriptores que en lo fundamental serŠn cubanos dentro y fuera de la mayor de las antillas.

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email discussion list of Kibbutz Kfar Etzion for the dissemination of technology related info. The intention of the list is to answer computer and internet related problems. Permit members to ask about computer problems they may have and share computer, internet and technology related solutions that they may have.

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The Bumbag List

Discussion on travel apparel in a group environment. Intended for former students of UWA and other associates.

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Mugdock Runners

This is a list to allow all members of the Mugdock Runners group (located in the Bearsden and Milngavie area near Glasgow) to communicate easily about upcoming issues and events. Although most group members are runners, and despite the name, we also have a number of members who just enjoy a good walk and a chat. Anyone interested in joining us is most welcome to come along for a run or walk every Saturday morning meeting at 9:15 am at the Drunclog car park near Mugdock.

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Blind Democracy

This list is to reestablish the Blind Democracy list that used to be found at Octothorp Groups. Most discussion will be about political matters, but anything can be discussed. The founders and founding members of the group are blind, but you do not have to be blind to participate.

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South East London & North West Kent TVRCC Discussion Group

South East London & North West Kent TVRCC Discussion Group

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CP 2 Gardens

Capital Park 2 is a condominium community in Washington, DC. Our landscape was designed by noted architect Dan Kiley. This mailing list is intended to be a tool to organize the community to preserve it.

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Condominio Barbara

Mailing List for GreenBuilding "condominio Barbara" residence located in Padua. Who lives in there use this list in order to keep in touch with links related new way of life in a growing sustainable world.

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Background: the property management started renovation in a big building in a berlin house without informing the tenants properly. They started doing noise and dirty work although there is no permission for it. Their aim is to raise the rent that the tenants have to move out for financial reasons Aim: These list should be a platform for the tenatns to discuss the procedure against the property management, to exchange advices from different advocats and inform the other tenants about the works that are going on

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Lista Debate no Moderada sobre Cuba

Lista para debatir, sin la intervencion de moderadores o terceros, diversos temas, eventos y noticias que ocurren en la sociedad cubana actual y su seguimiento mientras suceden en Cuba con el objetivo de cubrir temas de interes para todos los cubanos vivan donde vivan. Recuerde para un debate saludable respetar los criterios de los demas y mantener la discusion en los topicos de cada hilo de discusion.

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The aRocket list exists to provide a forum for the discussion of amateur rocketry and NewSpace system development.

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Uppa - Atelier de réflexion sur les alternatives

Atelier de réflexion sur les alternatives economiques, politiques et sociales.

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This is a discussion group for the residents in Endcliffe Corner Community Organisation (ECCO) to discuss community problems and ideas and to inform each other about matters of wider interest, local events, etc. ECCO covers certain streets near Hunters Bar in Sheffield.

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71xx 32nd and vicinity

Neighborhood list to keep track of events and the coming and going of our neighbors.

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