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Site of the Day

Site of the Day, an announcement list, offers its subscribers an informative or entertaining website five days a week, Monday through Friday. From the amazing array of billions of pages on the web, we suffer from too much choice, rather than too little. The goal of Site of the Day is to do some winnowing on behalf of its members and present the wheat rather than the chaff.

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Dan Overmeyer

Daily update message for our website followers. Our website,, displays vacancies for a number of cities around the world.

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Haiku System Administration

Everything relating to the administration of systems run by Haiku, Inc. can be discussed here.

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Usuarios hispanos de Greenstone

Lista de usuarios de habla hispana (incluyendo brasileros que quieran unirse) que utilizan el software Greenstone (

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We wish to discuss updates to our site of free downloads of icq, yahoo, hotbar, beatnik, winamp, stationery and wallpaper skins.

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Sanesecurity Announcements

Sanesecurity Announcements

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Yes Master List for Admins

Yes Scotland Independence movement admins mailing list. A list for group organisers of the Yes movement to communicate.

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CHEN Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity news from CHEN CS. More details here:

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New gTLD's

A mailing list for new gTLD's

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Live Fruitful with Courtney

Striving to inspiring Healthy Living Around the World, the goal of this mailing list is to give great tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes to achieve a healthier life. It's all about make One Simple Change that will make a difference in your life and the world around you! Invite others and create a world of positive change!

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Mailing list power-pk

A mailing list for people interested in power and energy systems in Pakistan

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Game Detectives

Reporting any new ARG's in games/mods.

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vsunix dot net

vsunix dot net support forum, clients, webmaster, admin feedback, newsletter for vsunix dot net members.

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this is a list for the macg admins

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SoftSpire EML to PST Converter Tool

The SoftSpire EML to PST Converter to Convert EML files from Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc to MS Outlook PST format.

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