Technology in music, internet audio, recording, etc.

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Hastings Rock Organising Committee

We are a group of Radio enthusiasts who organise a month RSL Radio Broadcast every year to cover the town of Hastings in East Sussex, bringing 24 hour a day Rock music, this list will be our communication tool to arrange the broadcast for next year...

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Sibelius Access

Discussion group providing mutual support for "Sibelius Access", a free set of JAWS scripts provising access to the Sibelius music program.

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ACWE Board

This list is for the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble Managing Board.

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Yoshimi Soft-Synth

A place for all users, friends and developers of Yoshimi

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This list discusses tools and techniques that make it possible for blind owners of Yamaha Motif musical synthesizers and workstations to use their equipment with out being able to see the Motif's display. Popular subjects include using the accessible editor software to remote control workstation features from a PC, integrating the Motif into sequencer environments like Sonar and QWS, and general discussion about the arrangement of Motif screens and how to navigate them.

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Presidenza Banda Povolaro

The Povolaro Wind Band Management's mailing list, helping coordinate activities, arrange meetings and spread news in a faster and easier way

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Bergen Hi-Fi

Mailing list for the Bergen hi-fi club, which at this point doesn't have an official name. The club is mainly related to do-it-yourself project; modifying electronics, building loudspeakers, acoustics, and so on. That, in short, is how it relates to technology.

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FredericksBurg Ukulele Ensemble

Mailing list for folks in the Fredericksburg area who play Ukulele

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Reno Music Project

Announcement list for the Reno Music Project. Show dates, special events, etc. Events include recording technology discussions and workshops on getting the most from computers and digital gear for the production of music.

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MIRtoolbox discussion list

Welcome to, the discussion mailing list related to everything about MIRtoolbox, a Matlab toolbox dedicated to Music Information Retrieval. For a description of MIRtoolbox, see

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JSonar - Joy with Sonar

This is a discussion forum for the users of JSonar scripts and anything related to this project. The main site is located at http://jsona.rorg

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Wintonbury Coffeehouse Email Newsletter

The Wintonbury Coffeehouse Email Newsletter is one of the ways we use the technology of the Internet as an alternative to traditional tools for keeping fans and patrons up to date about this folk/acoustic/alternative music venue. Coffeehouse performances are recorded using digital multitrack technology and samples of musicians performances are made available for free at our website.

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A relaxed forum where real musicians whether professional or beginner can discuss their creativity and methods ranging from technical to personal. The student as well as the performing musician, studio owner operator, or song writer is welcome here. This list will be minimally moderated so it is expected that people will be tolerant and respectful of diverse viewpoints. Feel free and be welcome and let creativity rain! Note: This list has been set up to encourage blind and visually impaired musicians to excel in what they do, but anyone is welcome.

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Folk DJ Discussion

Folk DJ Discussion is an electronic discussion group for DJs and other people interested in all folk-based music (bluegrass, old-time, traditional balladry, traditional international music, singer-songwriters, etc.) on the radio. This group is open to any DJs who are reporting their playlists to be counted in the Folk DJ chart.

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This list is here to save old music from Yugoslavia, that was recorded on old 78 rpm discos. On this list people can talk about old and forgotten singers and musicians from our country.

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