Technology in music, internet audio, recording, etc.

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M station News

Orginally named Linux MusicStation, M station is concerned with Open Source technology to make music software and music itself... and a whole lot else besides as we have broadened into a tech, tech culture, music e-zine.

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Marshall Art Shapiro & Friends email list

Marshall Art Shapiro and Friends (a jazz group) features a website with streaming audio featuring the group ( The group also performs live with electronic instruments such as a digital piano and some synthesizers on the horn. The announce list will promote the website and announce upcoming engagements of the group playing in the San Francisco Bay area, California.

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Digital Bear Entertainment News

News and helpful recording industry guides focused on the use of new recording and internet technologies to promote the careers of independent musicians brought to you by Digital Bear Entertainment and music producer/manager Jordan Tishler.

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Ourplace (formerly of Audioldies)

For lovers of music from beginning to at least mid 80s; some blindness-related issues and for personal support through hard times

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TunesMA news

Notifications about album releases and newly published songs/playlists on SoundCloud by Matthias Andrae (TunesMA).

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Trumpington Bellringers Social List

A list for regular members of the Trumpington Bellringer's Society to discuss ringing and social activities.

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Internal mailing list of MiCAPELLA - the Munich International Choir (; a non-profit choir that intends to offer internationals in Munich an opportunity to easily get into a choir and meet new people; the mailing list will be mainly used by the board for announcement regarding rehearsals and organizational issues but shall also be open to choir members for hints regarding cultural events etc. which may be interesting for the choir

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Kalle Baah

For information about upcoming events involving the band Kalle Baah.

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Jacob Dupre Music

This is the official email list for Jacob Dupre Music! People who submit their email address to this group will receive email updates about performances and events by Jacob Dupre, keeping you up to date on Jacob's upcoming gigs in Austin, Texas. So thanks for joining, and hope to see you at the next gig! Be sure to check out for more info!

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Psycho Angels

Announcment list of the hungarian glam metal band Psycho Angels ( Members of the list will be informed of upcoming performances, website updates, news of the band, state of recordings and others.

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Symphony of Science

Periodical updates regarding the latest music videos from the Symphony of Science - a project spreading scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form

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Paul Tandy's covers, acoustics, etc

This is a list for people who like paul's music. Covers and acoustic songs. Announcements will be posted here.

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Tau Beta Sigma Northeast District Listserv. In this list the district council will be relaying information to the chapters. This includes paperwork deadlines, exciting events, convention dates, and any other information that the council might need to send. It is important for us to have one group where we can get information out quickly and effectively!

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Rodgers Organ Users Help & Support Group

Users of the Rodgers Organ and PR-300 MIDI discuss and help with issues concerning the use of MIDI for sequencing and interfacing of samplers as well as creating MIDI files on the instrument as well as with computers using sequencing programs such as Cakewalk and the Notation Program Finale. This group is independent of Rodgers, a member of the Roland Group, and is moderated by Frog Music Press, a publisher of music for MIDI.

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I wish to inform people of updates on my site

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