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Programming, design, theory, user support groups, product-specific newsletters

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i3 discussion

Discussion about the i3 window manager

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A group to discuss about CocoMUD client, an accessible, open-source MUD client.

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Traditional Hanzi Localization

Chinese localization using traditional hanzi for free software.

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Geeqie Mailing list

This list is for communication with geeqie users and between devs. See

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i3 announcements

One announcement per new release of i3 (and related software, such as i3lock, i3status) will be posted here.

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picotm Development

This is the premier list for discussing development of and with picotm. picotm is a system-level transaction manager. See

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Faster Scale App Discussion

Announcements and discussions for The Faster Scale App -- an online version of the Faster Scale.

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Haiku Commitlogs

Commits to the haiku code will be logged and discussed here.

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The general discussion list for the UGE-RPG Project, a FOSD/FOSS Project to develop a truly universal Modular, Pluggable RPG-Framework for a Traditional Role-Playing Game and Game-Engine. ***Gaming For Everyone***

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Discussion about Klipper 3d printer software.

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Chess game

A romanian team (formed by computer science students), developing a chess game in Java, for the "Introduction to Algorithms" course.

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Enise internal developer list

Enise internal list for developers: plans, work.

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C#/.NET nanomsg mailing list

Mailing list for all things pertaining to C#/.NET wrappers around the nanomsg messaging framework.

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Discussion and development around Hawkmoth

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antiweb Literate Programming Tool

Support and discussion for the antiweb literate programming tool.

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Private list for developers in Promincle3D project. Members of this list are programmers developing software for 3D map of the cities

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Eclipse Maestrosoft Studio Beta Program

Eclipse CDT plugin enabling Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compilers

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vitunes commit log

This mailing list contains a log of all commits made to the vitunes git repository.

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A mailing list for the programmers of the La Canada Engineering Club to stay in touch

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Zoomulus Bugs

Bug traffic for the Zoomulus open source project.

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OOMTK Kernel Commit Log

Commit log for the OOMTK Kernel. For more info see

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Longbow Operating System

Official mailing list of the longbow operating system.

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Latterfrosken Java Monitoring-And-Control System (JMACS)

to discuss the development and deployment of the monitoring-and-control system itself. Any other issue which is not addressed by one of the sister mailing-lists should also be directed here.

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Modular Ruby clients interface for REST APIs.

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discousions and infos between users of software developed by Integrator and support. suggestions will be accepted.

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development mailing list for heropunch projects. canonical mirror:

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DevOps Plex Sharing

This is the DevOps community list for sharing plex and different conversations about leveraging Plex and NAS(s)

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Zoomulus Announcements

Announcements for the Zoomulus open source project.

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War3D Gettysburg

A group for developing the new computer game from NSD.

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Hackeando tu cerebro de robot!!

Comunidad integrada por estudiantes de sistemas y electronica con el fin de empezar el desarrollo de plataformas basadas en drones para cualquier fin, con los principios de compartir el conocimiento y difundir el conocimiento libre

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QingYangOS Development

A Maillist about QingYangOS Kernel Development

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Streetsign digital signage mailing list

A discussion list for developers and admins using the digital signage software.

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Timee Ltd.

We have a cooperative university task at the BUTE, Hungary. We have to develop a software in Java with full documentation and practice team work. This mailing list would play an important role in this project.

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Grupo de discussão dos desenvolvedores do framework livre Tangamandápio.

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TextPix Development Mailing List

The Development Mailing List for TextPix.

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This is the discussion list for libjson-rpc-cpp hosted at

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FAME 2 Development

Development board for FAME

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Niue Programming Language

Discussions on the Niue Programming Language.

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VRGeo developers and users discussion

This list is intended for reporting BUGS, feature request, join vrgeo-development,contribute vrgeo project and all other things related to VRGeo platform

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Minetics Lab

A mailing list for the Minetics Lab

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Cerauno Technologies announces the release of DocGuru Professional 1.0

Cerauno Technologies proudly announces the release of DocGuru Professional 1.0. DocGuru is our brand new source code documentation system. It helps you to generate documentation right from your source code, understanding naturally formed in-source comments, thereby making the entire documentation process a lot simpler for you. DocGuru currently works with PHP scripts. DocGuru comes with an easy-to-use GUI for authoring and managing your documentation projects. --------------------------------- Features --------------------------------- 1. Requires very little overhead from the author of the documentation. Plain text will do, but creates more fancy or structured output using HTML tags . 2. Supports documentation of files, classes, variables, functions, typedefs and defines. 3. Automatically generates class hierarchy in HTML (as clickable link maps). 4. Can generate a list of all members of a class (including any inherited members). 5. Automatically generates references to documented classes, files, namespaces and members. 6. Documentation of global functions, globals variables, typedefs and defines is also supported. 7. References to base/super classes and inherited members are generated automatically. 8. Can cope with large projects easily. For more information and to download DocGuru Professional 1.0 please visit the DocGuru home page at If you have any questions about DocGuru please send mail to Best Regards Akhil Dhanuka Cerauno Technologies

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Discussion and support related to blogofobe, the Pythonic static website compiler forked from Blogofile.

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Nyanga Programming Language

General discussion relating to the Nyanga programming language

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Tamino Workbench

Tamino Workbench is an application that has been developed to maintain Tamino (XML database). This list is meant for the users that use Tamino Workbench to ask quetions and to discuss problems and future directions.

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Luafox Development

List for user feedback on development versions of Luafox. Luafox is a program for scientific data analysis.

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Nim language mailing list test

Used to test integrating the Nim forum with the already existing mailing list ""

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LiteStep Installer Translation

Information and updates regarding translations of the LiteStep Installer

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Informatic Crew

Informatic Crew is a group of programmers and hobbist like informatic and personal computer. Our group are now developing a CMS like PHP-Nuke called PHPortal

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Hotchpotch discussion list

List to discuss development and usage of Hotchpotch, a document oriented mix of revision control, file system and database concepts. See

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SpadgerE Developers Group

SpadgerE Developers Group.

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