Web Development

Software development specific to web delivery, HTML, Java, ASP/JSP/PHP, CGI, XML, RSS, Blogging, etc.

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Fighting Blindness Exchange Club

An open group that meets weekly to discuss computer problems

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WordPress for Newbies

A list designed specifically for beginner Wordpress users where they can ask questions, where links to tutorials & helpful resources can be posted, & where accessibility concerns & workarounds regarding the platform can be discussed.

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Private fantasy football league

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Die ascoders-Liste wurde stillgelegt, es ist nur noch das Archiv verfuegbar.

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Web Producers Organization

The Web Producers Organization list is for web producers and project managers of web-based projects including public web sites, intranet sites, and web-based applciations. We discuss and share ideas, experience, suggestions, advice, and resources for career development and improving the practice of web project management.

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No description available

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HaikuDepot Web App Development

The list serves as a forum for discussions related to the development of the HaikuDepot web application.

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Xtreme IT

This group is used to send newsletters to the subscribers and members about the upcoming events,activities,new technologies,issues and free bulletins. Anyone can join in this group for free to receive the newsletters. News letters are related to the web development and web designing. Also it carries the details about the Shared hosting cpanel usages which is under development at the moment.

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Discussions of MyStamps developers

This mailing list is purposed for discussing different questions and post announces about developing MyStamps project (https://github.com/php-coder/mystamps).

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To share the news of the website to our members.

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Mailing List de Hexa6

A mailing list for a students informatics in our university to share ressources more efficiently

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Outer Media Graphic Design

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Noticias Cloud Computing

Newsletter dedicado a la comunicación de las novedades relativas a Cloud Computing y de sus aplicaciones. Newsletter dedicated to the Cloud Computing News and aplications

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General discussion and support for AssetNow Content Management System

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iEdit Support

Get the latest information on whats coming at the greatest all-over editing website, iEdit.

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