Web Development

Software development specific to web delivery, HTML, Java, ASP/JSP/PHP, CGI, XML, RSS, Blogging, etc.

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This list seeks to network professionals, students and amateurs with common skill sets in web design and development for collaborative research studies, work and project development. Activities of the list will include Web design and development tutorials on SEO, Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Arts, Photography and other related areas.

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Web Design and Development

This list will update users on changes to the website like new services, new products, etc. It will be a weekly mailing list.

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OekakiPoteto ML

The OekakiPoteto Mailing List. Provides technicical support and update announcements for the OekakiPoteto program at http://suteki.nu

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Yahoo Store Design by Shubie

I am a Yahoo! Merchant Solution store designer and developer and I am setting up this list to help my clients with my periodic tips and tricks to get the best of Yahoo store system and help them run and manage their store with Yahoo! Merchant Solutions better and easier. I also plan to share my web design knowledge so that my list subscribers who are going to be specifically yahoo store or ecommerce website owners get heads up with web design, html and search engine optimization skills.

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Semijeva osobna stranica.

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Thuiswerk ezine

E-zine about modern webdesign, html 4, Cascading Style Sheets, Content Management Systems in scriptinglanguage PHP and database MySql, scripts, tips, tricks and tools.

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Teamproject 2010/11

Teamproject 2010/11 Chair of Information Science III University of Mannheim Semantic Wiki in context of the Globalize Project. Integration of SLIM, extending MediaWiki, etc.

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On Jobs Agency Mailing List

A Mailig List of On Jobs Agency Members. We are a group of talented people affiliated to oDesk website and this list is needed to get in contact and discuss about the web programming projects.

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