Mailing list of Capoeira Angola group Vadiacao (Academia Jangada Berlin)

Common description of Capoeira Angola:
Website of Academia Jangada Berlin:

Current list settings:
- only students of Vadicacao can be member of the list (moderated subscription)
- everybody (both members and non-members) can send emails to the list via: vadiacao-berlinATfreelistsDOTorg

To become member of the mailing list please do the following steps:
1. open
2. provide your email address under "User Options: Your email address:"
3. next to "Choose an action:" choose "Subscribe" and press "Go!"
4. Just in case your provided mail address does _not_ contain your full real name ("" instead of ""):
4.1 write an email to vadiacao-berlin-adminsATfreelistsDOTorg from the same email address you provided in step 2 and...
4.2 ...provide the following mail subject: " YourFirstName YourFamilyName" - mail body can be left empty. This way list moderators know who requested the membership (just Vadiacao group members will be activated).