Mailing list of Capoeira Angola group Vadiacao (Academia Jangada Berlin, Germany)

Common description of Capoeira Angola:
Website of Academia Jangada Berlin:

Reason for this mailing list: not all of us like Facebook or WhatsApp for communication but almost everyone has an email address. To stay connected for group events without being forced to use Facebook or WhatsApp there is this mailing list using reliable and free(dom respecting) email system!

Current list settings:
- only students of Vadicacao can be member of the list (moderated subscription)
- everybody (both members and non-members) can send emails to the list via: vadiacao-berlinATfreelistsDOTorg

To become member of the mailing list please do the following steps:
1. open
2. provide your email address under "User Options: Your email address:"
3. next to "Choose an action:" choose "Subscribe" and press "Go!"
4. Just in case your provided mail address does _not_ contain your full real name ("" instead of ""):
4.1 write an email to vadiacao-berlin-adminsATfreelistsDOTorg from the same email address you provided in step 2 and...
4.2 ...provide the following mail subject: " YourFirstName YourFamilyName" - mail body can be left empty. This way list moderators know who requested the membership (just Vadiacao group members will be activated).