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This group is for software enggr all over the world. Discussions on C,C++,Java, Distributed Computing, Networking, Quality Management, P2P, Linux, Solaris, Windows etc. The key to the evolution of human sapiens is by sharing knowledge!

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Es una lista moderada de muy bajo tráfico para informar sobre nuevas versiones de EMeLCo webshell.

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OLAP/BI technology list

This list is for exchange information related to OLAP and business intelligence. We share information and ideas about OLAP,OLAP tools, related technology trends,and any knowledge to improve business productivity.

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Chebfun discussion

Chebfun is a collection of algorithms, and a software system in object-oriented MATLAB, which extends familiar powerful methods of numerical computation involving numbers to continuous or piecewise-continuous functions.

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TVirtualstringTree und andere Tools

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Communicating about ibatis for developers,of course,we can talk something else at here,such as development experience.

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/dev/git devel

Discussion, Patch Submission for the dg git repositories

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Linux Administration Tool This project helps you to admin Linux Servers and Workstations over rlogin, telnet and ssh1/2

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Zoomulus Development

Discussion about the development of the Zoomulus open source project.

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Please visit for 50+ articles. Here is the snippet from the vision... " Our agenda is ambitious, but have decided to stay with it, however ridiculous it may be now. To start with we'll be concentrating fully on Solution Engineering and Distributed Application Architecture. Our approach to it would be to simplify and clarify the motivation behind each principle and practice. "

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Translation of Nvda

Translating NVDA into Nepali

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Biblioteca Digital GreenStone

This list is intended to learn to manage the Greenstone Digital Library, a software package for building and distributing digital library collections, which enables easy attachment to user needs, because this application has the flexibility to adjust to requirements of each user, allowing the management and distribution of research material.

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Outsourced Product Development - Hardware, Firmware, Software Design & Made-In-China

Long Circle is the only engineering service provider with a presence in Belmont, Massachusetts and an ODC in Pudong, Shanghai which provides outsourced product development ¨C one complete solution for hardware, firmware and software design as well as access to Made-In-China.

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Boost documentation Chinese translation

Backup maillist for boost-doc-zh project.

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Zoomulus Commits

Source code repository traffic for the Zoomulus open source project.

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