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Cubacel 3G UMTS Mailing List

Acerca de la nueva tecnología 3G en la banda 900 MHz implementada por Cubacel. Principalmente con artículos no muy técnicos y para debatir vía email entre los usuarios de Cubacel sobre los servicios de Cubacel y las redes móviles en general con el objetivo de que cada miembro de la lista optimice el uso de su celular y sus servicios.

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South-East Bath Bees

A mailing list for beekeepers in south-east Bath to keep in touch with each other

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PTBK herrsektion

This is a contact list for male senior members in the local tennis club PTBK in Pavelund, Gothenburg. The main function of the list is to exchange information on schedules and events that are of concern to the list members. The list is closed-post.

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Browns Hockey

Team mailing list for game time information, rosters, substitute requests, special events (dinner and/or beers after the game), and general smack talk about our team or life in general The list is open to regular players, those interested in occasional substitution, family, and friends.

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Panama Galapagos Puddle Jumpers

For boats crossing from Panama and/or the Galapagos to French Polynesia.

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Hopkinton Sportsmens Heavy Hitters

List use by members of Hopkinton Sportsmens Association (www.hsasports.com) to discuss and plan recreational activity.

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Portland Raging Grannies FYI

The Portland Raging Grannies are a social activist group of people over 50 who identify as women. We work for peace, social justice, human rights, and environmental protection. This list will be used by members to share information about letter writing and telephone campaigns to elected officials, to share petitions, and to share information about upcoming social actions that we are not directly involved in but that our members might be interested.

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Montclair RAGNAR Team Members

For team members of the Montclair RAGNAR only! We'll use this in addition to FB communicate, e.g., schedule training runs, meetings, etc.

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Portland Raging Grannies Members

The Portland Raging Grannies is an activist group of women over 50 who are committed to peace, social justice, human rights, and environmental protection. The purpose of this list is to provide a place for members to discuss logistics of upcoming actions, plan events, and discuss issues about running the group. The listserv will also be used to share information about and political issues.

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VIP Audio Access

A list to inform, empower and encourage both beginner and advanced visually impaired and blind musicians on the latest technologies surrounding audio access solutions. Discussion on: - Content of the website www.vipaudioaccess.com. - HSC (Hotspot Clicker), it's useage and development. - Any scripting solutions for audio access. - Current and future accessibility of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software. - VIP audio resources (e.g, specific software, websites, training material, musicians, tuition etc). - Sharing access and musical experiences, e.g, challenges, pitfalls, tips, advice, help and successes.

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Interest Group RTTY

Mailinglist for HAM radio operators, who are interessted especially in RTTY mode.

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SOGGI Executive

This list is for routine communication among the executive members (about 8 people) of a model airplane building and flying hobby group, the Southern Ontario Glider Group, Inc. (see our website for more details - www.soggi.ca) .

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Tango-NYC is a discussion e-mail list for discussion of any aspect of the Argentine Tango and an announcement list for Tango events in the New York City and surrounding area.

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Kihei Fire FC

Email list for the Kihei Fire soccer tream.

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Oxfordshire Natural Beekeepers

OxNatBees is an informal mutual support network for beginners and experienced beeks who aspire to practise bee-centric, low intervention, and chemical-free beekeeping in Oxfordshire.

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